Over 10 years specialising in motion design in London and Sydney, I offer the highest level of experience and creativity. My strength as an illustrator fuels my unique approach, guaranteeing dynamic animation and design. Mostly working from my studio, I have vast experience working within teams, and relish new opportunities for collaboration. Whether delivering series packages for the BBC, animation for Olympic Ceremonies, or one-off web campaigns, I pride myself on my client skills and professional practice.

I've achieved 3 top industry awards at PROMAX / BDA, with a UK-Gold for 'Sausage', World-Gold for 'Immigration Nation', and Aus-Gold for 'Thanks For Listening'.

I have an MA in Digital Animation, a BA in Illustration, and teach animation at Camberwell College of Arts.

Selection of clients: ABC / Arena / BBC / British Red Cross / Canal Plus / Cat Stevens / Channel 5 / Cirque du Soleil / Discovery Channel / Engine / Foxtel / Freeview / Hackett Films / History Channel / ITV / LOCOG / Lottery / Madame Tussauds / Moving Brands / MTV / Natural History Museum / ODD / Peepshow Collective / Picture Drift / PROMAX / Royal Institution / Samsung / SBS / UKTV / Unilever


World Cup Highlights

Client: Adidas Football
Pr Co: Robert Grieves

Role: Director


A dream job - to animate the highlights from Brazil 2014, all through the Adidas lens. With a team of 8 we worked round the clock so Adidas could share animations within hours of key games. All resulting in this celebration of the entire event.


Narrative Animated Film

Best Anim @ Foyle Film Fest
Best Anim @ UK Film Fest
Best Short @ Promax-UK
Best Anim @ Mexico Int FF

Role: Writer / Director / Illustrator / Animator

With Oscar qualification and 3 major awards to date, the festival circuit is sizzling for my first animated narrative. Learn more on the films own website - SausageFilm.net

RAD Awards Opener

Awards Ceremony Opener

Client: RAD's
Pr Co: Casual Films

Role: Director / Animator / Illustrator

I was comissioned to create this opener for RAD Awards Ceremony in London. The characters represent eight key Creative Directors from the industry and show their desperation to grab a RAD award.


Series Promo

Award: World PROMAX gold
for Best Animation

Pr Co: Engine

Role: Lead Animator

Working with Simon Robson (Coalition of the Willing), we won WORLD PROMAX GOLD for Animation with some serious attention to detail. The result is a sumptuous textured TVC, perfectly balancing the contemporary and the nostalgic.


Online Promo Film

Hot House

Pr Co: Duncan Elms

Role: Director / Animator / Designer

Working closely with Hot House and Duncan, I designed and animated this exciting animated journey, showcasing what Sydney's top online marketing agency can offer. Really enjoyed mixing this vintage aesthetic into an info graphics environment.

Red Cross - Food Insecurity

Online Campaign

British Red Cross

Pr Co: Tom Munday

Role: Co Director / Animator / Designer


Working with the delightful Tom Munday, we crafted this 2 minute animation to clearly explain this complex issue. The added challenge was to build a stimulating language within their tight brand guidelines, using only photos and type.


Series Package

Client: BBC
Pr Co: Robert Grieves

Role: Director / Illustrator / Animator


This series was a direct commission from the BBC to create a wide array of Illustration and animation. The brief was to create an animated world that evokes all that we idealise from the 50's. The presenter also had to enhabit the space in cartoon form view more...


Title Sequence

Award: ANZ PROMAX gold - Best Title

Client: History Channel
Pr Co: Foxtel Design

Role: Director / Illustrator / Animator

This project won a Gold PROMAX for best title sequence. The series was about the history of Australian radio, and was major original production for the History Channel. With a vast marketing plan, they asked me to design the brand and graphics for the show, inc. a 60sec Promo.

2012 Olympic & Paralympics

Ceremony Animation


Pr Co: Crystal CG

Role: Senior Animator


Crystal CG supplied the animation for the staduim pixels for all ceremonies. I was a Senior Animator working on the Olympic Opening and Paralympic Closing, creating animation for Coldplay, Jay-Z, Rihanna, and the opening motorcade.


TV commercial

Client: Leo Burnett
Pr Co: Picture Drift

Role: Designer / Illustrator / Animator

Samsung's new generation phone is called 'Blackjack' - so a playing card world was required featuring hip playing card people. How many ways can you milk Hearts, Clubs, Spades and Diamonds to create an urban environment? - well, quite a few we discovered...